At Serenity New Life we are a Dual Diagnosis treatment center. This means we offer individualized treatment and discharge planning for those seeking Alcohol Rehab Services in California and Drug Rehab Services in California, individual and group therapy, individual and group recovery counseling, life and coping skills, anger management, relaxation, relapse prevention, family counseling, and group activities. In addition, we offer the best professional services which include psychological evaluations from licensed professionals, SPECT scan imaging along with medication supervision and education. In sum total, we are one of the most comprehensive recovery programs anywhere in the nation.


What makes us different from most programs is our integration with the world renowned Amen Clinics who provide for much of our psychiatric services .As well as our holistic approach to integrating wide ranging cutting edge interventions into our tried and true tradition services

Serenity Life Counseling is an Intensive Outpatient Program. At Serenity Life Counseling we offer a wide range of paths and programs that will aid in the recovery of our clients. Our programs offer group sessions and one-on-one mentoring from certified addiction counselors and licensed professionals, and in addition we desire to get family members involved in our client’s journey to sobriety too. For those who wish to take part in our family group counseling sessions, family members are taught how to cope with the detrimental effects of drug use, and ultimately to repair the damages that have been done to the family unit because of it.

When they begin the recovery process, every client undergoes a psychiatric test to measure the specific level of care needed for him/her. Upon the results of the testing, they have the option to receive additional counseling by a certified therapist available at Serenity. We have certified therapists on staff for those we feel need additional help to manage their secondary or co-occurring disorders, such as depression or anxiety, which can sabotage their ongoing recovery.
Serenity also holds to the belief that drug addiction and alcohol addiction mars all aspects of the user’s life; we offer classes reconstructing those damaged areas through life skills education through our California Drug Rehab Services and California Alcohol Rehab Services. We believe there are many methods of recovery, not one better than the other, and clients will be exposed to the teachings of the benefits of acupuncture, meditation, proper medication, spirituality as it relates to recovery, and much more. Because of the structure of our program, there is no shortage of learning and growing on the part of our clients.

Getting to the Real Root of the Addiction

Because Serenity holds to a dual diagnosis philosophy of treatment Serenity focuses on the “why”, not necessarily the “what” of addiction. Our desire for our clients is to flesh out the underlying issues which led to the drug/alcohol use, which are in many cases the true root of their problem. Their education in Serenity includes a wide range of educational therapies such as handling depression, cognitive/behavioral therapy, 12 step philosophy, anger management, spirituality, relapse prevention, and impulse control. Once we get to the root of the problem, then we can move forward in reconstructing their lives so they can once again be integrated in society. And the results speak for themselves, with some of the highest for our California Drug Rehab Services and California Alcohol Rehab Services in the entire nation.

Path to Sobriety – True StoryTim, who after spending more than half of his life in and out of jail and prison, was able to start a “New Life” with the help of Serenity’s addiction treatment program. Listen to his story. A new beginning – a “NEW LIFE”Russell, after years of being in and out of jail and finally homeless, came to Serenity and made the commitment to himself to start a “New Life”. Listen to his story.
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